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The 10 Best Wireless Chargers Of 2020

Many people will be surprised to learn that wireless charging technology was discovered two centuries ago. In the late 19th century, Nikola Tesla demonstrated that electricity is transmitted through the air when you create a magnetic field between a transmitter and a receiver.

This wireless charging technology lay fallow for a hundred years without being sufficiently utilized. But today, thanks to modern innovations, there are now several applications of wireless charging. 

Wireless charging eliminates the need for cables in everything from kitchen appliances, cars, smartphones, and laptops. 

In this article, we focus on the ten best wireless chargers for mobile devices.

Types of Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are designed in three broad variations of style. There are pads, stands, and multiple device chargers.

Pad Chargers – A pad is ideal for work and rest environments. It will charge your phone discreetly at your work desk. 

After an exhausting day, you get the satisfaction of plopping the phone on a charging pad in any direction. It will conveniently charge on the bedside table while you sleep.

Wireless pad chargers tend to be cost-effective.

Stand Chargers – Stand charging is useful for people who want to use their phones while it is charging.

It is especially practical with phones that require a face ID to unlock. The stand charger leans at an incline. 

You can point your face at it without straining and unlock the phone without picking it up.

Multiple Device Chargers – These chargers support two or three gadgets powering at once. Multiple device chargers are popular with users in the Apple ecosystem.

They often need to charge their iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch altogether.

For this article, we picked from all the three categories of the best wireless chargers, so you can find the ones that are most appealing to you in the category you prefer . 

10 Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone and Android

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand

The smartphone charging dock powers at 7.5W and the Apple Watch slot is 5W. 

Also, the Belkin Boost features a USB port at the back compatible with USB-A. You can charge the AirPods on this 5V/1A slot. 

Belkin Boost Up wireless charging stand was designed for Apple products. However, because it is based on the Qi standard, it will charge any other phone that supports wireless charging. 

Other than being multipurpose, the stand will let you charge a phone placed in either the portrait or landscape orientation.  This is to let you use your phone while it’s charging.

An LED light powers on when the phone is charging. The charging stand has a foreign object detection feature that recognizes when anything placed on the stand is not a phone. It will not charge when it senses a foreign object.

You can choose either black or white Belkin. A special limited edition chrome charger was also on the market for a $20 markup on the regular price. 

The packaging includes a power cord and a three-year warranty.


Choetech Dual Wireless Charger

Choetech wireless charging pad will charge two phones at the same time. It is a big pad with five coils. This means that there is also space to charge a phone and an AirPods Pro case simultaneously. 

The Choetech dual charging pad supports a 10W output when two devices are charging on it. 

The packaging includes an 18W QC 3.0 adapter.

A warranty guarantees this product for up to 18 months.

Choetech dual wireless charger is bigger than your average charging pad, so it is better suited for home use. Carrying it on a trip will be challenging.

It has a stylish leather surface that holds phones firmly while they charge. The holes at the bottom of this charging pad are to prevent overheating.


Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

Mophie lets you know right away that it is an extremely versatile wireless charging pad. 

It supports both android and iPhone charging with the juice of up to 7.5W. Apple Watch and AirPods are compatible with this device as well. 

However, users who own the AirPods Pro may want to sit this one out. It does not support the charging of the AirPods Pro case. 

Mophie is tastefully designed with high-quality non-slip suede material. There is an indentation the size of an Airpod case and a stand to support Apple Watch nightstand mode. The watch can serve as an alarm clock this way.


Moshi Otto Q

Moshi Otto Q was purposely designed to look like and serve as furniture for your smartphones. The manufacturers say that the design was inspired by Danish furniture. 

As a result, this wireless charger is meant to be identified as an ottoman for the mobile phone with Qi charging.

The Otto Q is certainly reminiscent of Danish furniture. It has a suave grey cloth finish encircled by a silicone ring. The purpose of this ring is to keep the phone stable in a charging position. The base of the charging pad has another silicon coating to keep the charger from sliding across smooth surfaces. 

Because this is a Qi standard charger, you will be able to charge both Apple and Android phones and tablets. The packaging comes with USB-A and USB-C cables. Moshi Otto Q itself operates on USB-C connection. 

It is important to know that upon purchasing this charging part, it will not come with its own power adapter. You can either buy an adapter separately or use one of the old USB-A cables you may have in the house.

The right adapter for Moshi Otto Q is the one with a 9V output, which Quick Charge adapters have. The charger will then charge iPhones at 7.5W and Androids at 10W.

A word of caution: don’t get carried away and use the wireless pad as a coaster for your beverage!


Nanami Fast Wireless Charger

Nanami is the ideal wallet-friendly wireless charger. Despite the affordable price, it delivers an excellent fast charge for both Android and iPhone devices.

The stand design is simple and elegant. It supports charging in both landscape and portrait modes. 

Nanami wireless will charge Samsung phones at a 10W speed and iPhones at 7.5W. However, to get these speeds, you have to buy Quick Charge 2.0 and above adapters.

There are overheat and overcharge safety features on the charging stand to automatically shut off when the charge is at 100%. It is safe to use this charging stand in your room without compromising the quality of your sleep. The LED charge indicator goes to sleep after 10 seconds.

The best feature of this elegant charger remains the fact that it costs under $20.


Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand

People with older phone models may have been feeling left out to learn that these swanky wireless charges are incompatible with their phone models. This is where the Anker PowerWave stand comes in.

This charging stand will support 5W charging for earlier iPhone and Android phone models. 

Current phones charge at 7.5W and 10W speeds through the Qi standard. This means it supports both iPhone and Android respectively.

The phones on fast charge include the iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus. For Android, it’s the Samsung Galaxy 9+, S9 and Note 9. 

The Anker wireless stand props up the phone at a comfortable angle where you can view notifications. An indicator light comes on when the phone is charging. The bottom is coated with rubber to prevent toppling and slipping. 

The base of the Anker PowerWave also contains a fan. Its job is to dissipate the heat generated from wireless charging, which is quite a lot. 

The stand’s fan is okay in an environment with a lot of activity going on. However, in a more subdued setting like a bedroom or a quiet office, it is loud enough to be distracting.

The Anker’s packaging comes with one micro-USB cable and a Quick Charge 3.0 power adapter to plug into the bottom pad. The adapter can also be a cable charger for your devices.


Nimble Wireless Stand

The Nimble wireless stand is for environmentally conscious technology enthusiasts. This company takes environmental sustainability seriously, which is reflected in their products.

Nimble is a new entrant into the wireless technology market but they are already making ripples among buyers. Their chargers and battery packs are ergonomically designed, premium quality, and eco-friendly.

The packaging is environmentally conscious and comes with a bag where you will be able to recycle the products via Nimble at no cost.

A lot of thought and effort went into the production of this wireless charging stand. It is compact and encased in a fabric made from hemp and recycled water bottles.

A recyclable plastic strip interrupts the fabric at the base. When the strip is pressed, the stand releases a flap that will prop up your phone when it’s charging. 

The charger itself is supported to incline by a kickstand which also pops from the back. The Nimble wireless will still work perfectly if it is laid flat. The rubber grip at the bottom keeps it stable from slipping.

The Nimble is powered through a Quick Charge 3.0 USB-C adapter and USB-C input on the left side. Above this input port, there is another standard USB port and an indicator light. You can charge another smart device at this USB outlet.

The Nimble Wireless stand works via the Qi standard. Android charges at 10W power output and the iPhone is at 7.5W.


RAVPower Alpha Series Fast Charge

The RAVPower Alpha is a powerful fast charge wireless charging option that is capable of working with inputs of 9-12V/2A. It is only a compact, black, and hockey-pucker shaped charging device.

The entire pad comprises plastic material encircled with a rubber ring at the top. The rubber component secures the smartphone in case the phone vibrates or the table shakes.

The RAVPower Alpha series is Qi standard compliant. That means the charging speeds are 10W for Android devices and 7.5 for iPhones.

The package contains the charging pad, USB-A, micro-USB cable, and a quick charge 3.0 24W wall adapter. The adapter will speed up the charging process independently in case you are pressed for time.

This charger gets the job done, despite being so compact.


Google Pixel Stand

The Google Pixel stand wireless charger is the most extravagant wireless charger we have featured in this article. It costs a pretty penny, but that is justified in its functionality.

The Pixel stand was made for Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. 

Once you put your Google phone to charge, the Pixel stand transforms it into a smart display. 

The Ambient Display activates, providing a shortcut to voice or touch-activated Google Assistant. Your most frequent Assistant commands such as “What’s the weather?” also show up on quick access and cycle regularly.

They are meant to provide a quick escape when you take a break from your work. 

If you have installed a Nest Hello doorbell, the Pixel stand acts as a wireless communication medium between you and the person at the door. The person’s face will pop on your phone screen and you can speak to them from the comfort of your seat.

That is not all. The Pixel Stand will also make a gorgeous display of your digital photos, mimicking the role of a photo frame. 

Google Pixel 3 will show highlights of albums and selections from Google Photos. This is a beautiful sight to wake up to in the morning.

Furthermore, the Pixel Stand is a unique alarm clock. If you mean to rise early before the sun, you can set the phone to brighten your room with gentle colors. It is easier to wake up this way. 

When it’s bedtime, the Pixel Stand will automatically activate the “do not disturb” mode. Any notification that comes in after that setting change is on silence so you won’t see them.

The Pixel stand charges phones at 10W.


Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand

Samsung wireless stand has a unique appearance for a wireless charging stand. It is round like charging pads. 

However, this charger may not appeal to people who are particular about arranging objects according to their shapes. Placing a rectangular phone on a circular charging stand may feel awkward.

Samsung Fast Charge stand has a uniform lustrous black finish that makes the charger look elegant. 

The Samsung wireless stand has a powerful fan inside that constantly cools the heating coils. However, the fan hardly produces any sound unless you strain in a quiet room, so it is suitable for use in laid-back office environments.

It supports fast charging on both Samsung and iPhones. However, iPhone charging speeds are slower than Android at 7.5W.

The package comes with a micro-USB adapter to power the stand. 

Samsung Fast Charge wireless stand slants just enough to unlock the phone via Face ID. Fortunately, it is stable and some phone use will not tip the charger.


How To Choose The Best Wireless Charger For Your Phone

The first thing to check out a new charger for is whether it is compatible with your smartphone. If you purchase one that is not compatible with your device, there is nothing you can do with that charger.

When you are shopping lookout for whether the wireless charger is Qi certified. If that is the case, then it will more often than not support a Samsung or other Android and an iPhone.

Wattage support varies among wireless chargers. The best ones support 10W charging for Android devices and 7.5W for iPhones. Any lower than that may mean slower charging.

It is crucial to know what components come with the wireless charging package. An adapter and a charging cable are the most important. The adapter should support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 or higher.

Wireless chargers should allow charging in both the landscape or portrait modes for flexibility. It is even better if it can charge a phone through a case just as easy as without. However, thicker phone cases are usually not supported.

Do you use multiple devices that require recharging at the end of the day? If so, you should go for the options offering 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 charging. Just keep in mind, these wireless chargers usually cost more, unlike single device chargers.

Qi or PMA?

There are two main rivaling wireless charging standards: the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and the Wireless Power Consortium backed Qi (“chee”).

What is the Difference?

These two standards are incompatible with each other, but that is where the differences end. Technically speaking, these two technologies are similar.

  • PMA and Qi both operate based on inductive charging. This means that they use an electromagnetic field to transmit energy between two objects.
  • They both use a charging device to create a magnetic field and a coil in the device to be charged to receive and convert the field into electric current. It is this current that charges the battery.
  • The main difference between these standards is that they work on different wavelengths. Qi works on 100-205kHz, while PMA works on the 277-357kHz band.

Which Standard is Better?

Again, when both standards are evaluated from a technical point of view, there isn’t much difference to declare one standard superior over the other. 

Ultimately, the winner between these two will be determined by both industry and consumer behavior.

Qi standard has the advantage in this rivalry. It is the most adopted standard by the industry today, as well as the most common among buyers.

That’s why we recommend going for the charger that is Qi-compatible. It is easy to find these chargers. Furthermore, the Qi standard supports wireless charging on the popular iPhone 8S and X. 

Any device with Qi compatibility can charge on a Qi-standard wireless charger.

How Thick Is Your Phone Case?

The majority of smartphone users protect their phones with a case. If you are one of them, you should not be too concerned about whether it will hinder wireless charging. Most of the phone covers work okay.

There are still three types of cases that will be problematic:

  • Metal back cases. These simply will not work with wireless charging.
  • Wallet cases. Placing a wallet case on a wireless charger will have potentially disastrous consequences if you have cards in your wallet. The electromagnetic induction from the wireless charger will mess up the magnetic stripes on credit cards.
  • Thick phone cases. The majority of wireless chargers are compatible with a 3mm thickness barrier between the phone. A few other chargers will work with a thickness of 5mm. Any rugged cases beyond these parameters are incompatible with wireless charging.

A Stand or a Pad?

You will notice two wireless charger designs available in the market. Stands and pads.

With pads, it’s very straightforward to place the charger on a flat surface then your phone on top of it.

A stand charges your phone while it’s angled up so you can use it or unlock it with facial recognition.

5W or 7.5W iPhone Charge

Initially, iPhone users had to contend with a paltry 5W wireless charging performance. This was because the power adapters they came with only supported a 5W output. The performance of the charger will depend on the adapter it is packaged with.

With subsequent iOS updates, the charging speed rose to 7.5W, which is the current standard. Look for a wireless charger that can support at least 7.5 watts if you want better charging speeds.

It is important to note that some charging pads will have high performance when charging Android phones, but drop drastically to a maximum of 5W on iPhones.


Some charging pads will sell fast-charge adapters separately. When this happens, do your research to find out what kind of adapter is required to achieve better charging speeds.


The best wireless charger will vary based on individual preference. Some people will prefer a charging stand to a pad, while others will be more heavy-weight users who want only a multi-purpose charger. Plus, some consumers prefer to purchase within a set budget. Luckily, there are high-performance chargers for all categories of buyers listed in this article. 

If you didn’t come across your favorite brand, it is only because we ran out of space! There are several hundred brands of wireless chargers, and we only selected the best ten. Out of these 10 best wireless chargers, we’re sure you can find something that you will be more than happy with.

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